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[wtp-dev] Fw: [] Eclipse Bugzilla update

You may or may not be aware of the changes coming to bugzilla.  Hopefully, you're starting to notice the new features in bugs.

One of these new features is the used of flags, and in specific, a PMC_approved flag.  Since we are in shutdown for 1.5.4 and we have a system that works, please continue to use the current PMC approval process.  I will start documenting the PMC approval process using flags and updating the pmc page for future releases.

Also, REMIND and LATER are deprecated, and we will probably do a mass update after 2.0 to move these into OPEN and "NEEDINFO".  But we'll leave as is for now.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.


John Lanuti
IBM Web Tools Platform Technical Lead, IBM Rational
IBM Software Lab - Research Triangle Park, NC
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04/13/2007 02:45 PM

[] Eclipse Bugzilla update

Greetings committers,

This is a quick update regarding Bugzilla.  We've made some changes that
we hope will help improve your productivity with our bug tracker.

1. LATER and REMIND are deprecated
2. New keyword: needinfo
3. Flags for bugs
4. Flags for attachments
5. Bugzilla 3.0

1. LATER and REMIND are deprecated

After much discussion in bug 178923, the LATER and REMIND resolutions
have been deprecated. As time permits (perhaps after Europa ships), I
encourage project teams to consider alternative ways of identifying such
bugs. Some solutions are proposed in bug 178923 comment 75:

The Bugzilla UI has clear indications that the resolutions are
deprecated. Please note that while LATER/REMIND are deprecated, there is
absolutely no rush or urgency in eliminating them.

2. New keyword: needinfo

Related to the above, I have created a needinfo keyword to identify bugs
where more information is needed. Leaving bugs open and adding needinfo
is the preferred method of identifying such bugs, instead of

If you used REMIND to simply remove/hide the bugs from your search
results (which is convenient) you can simply edit your search query and,
in the Advanced Search section, specify Keywords: doesn't contain:
needinfo. This will yield the same result of hiding the bug, while
leaving the bug open and visible to all.

3. Flags for bugs

We've enabled three Bugzilla flags for bugs: documentation, pmc_approved
and review. Feel free to use these flags to indicate that documentation
is updated (set the flag to '+') or needs to be updated (by setting the
flag to '?').

Likewise, pmc_approval can be requested by committers (set to '?') and
granted by the PMC (+) or denied (-).  A review can be requested (?),
approved (+) or denied (-).

The neat part about flags is that they can be set by multiple people,
and they are searchable using Advanced Search.

See the global flags.jpg attachment for a visual.

4. Flags for attachments

We've enabled a 'review' flag for attachments, which allows you to
request a review (set flag to ?), or to indicate a successful review (+).

For instance, a patch can be reviewed by multiple committers, producing
a nice visual report on the bug page (see attach-with-review.jpg).

5. Bugzilla 3.0
Bugzilla 3.0, which has a bunch of interesting new features, was slated
for release on April 2.  Looks like the Mozilla team are running a bit
late, so our upgrade will be delayed accordingly.

We hope these changes will help with bug workflow in your project.  If
you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Denis, Matt and Karl


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