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[wtp-dev] Updating copyright comments

Since we've just finished 2.0 M6 and are in the beginning of RC0, now would be a good time for everyone to update the copyrights in their code.  You can do this in 2 ways:

"Fix Copyrights..."
This action appears in the context menu when you select 1 or more projects in the Package Explorer or Navigator view.  It can only be run on whole projects (not a package/folder/class).  When it runs, it will block your UI, so you will be unable to do anything else in Eclipse.  This action only works with IBM copyright statements.  It will update existing ones and add new ones if there are none.  If it comes across an unknown copyright statement, it will ignore it.  To get the copyright year range accurate, the tool will check every file's cvs history to get the right revision year.

"Advanced Fix Copyrights..."
This action appears in the context menu when you select any resource (project/package/folder/class) but it only appears in the Navigator view.    When it runs, you have the option of running it in the background, so you can do other stuff in Eclipse.  This action has a corresponding preference page ("Copyright Tool") you can use to customize the action.  Some customizations include having your own copyright statement and telling the tool to just use a specific year instead of performing a cvs lookup on every file to get revision history.

Oh, and for both actions, the trailing "..." makes it look like a dialog will pop up or something, requesting more information, but really, when you invoke the action, it starts running immediately.

I feel "Fix Copyrights" is more stable but "Advanced Fix Copyrights" is more flexible, so which tool you want to use depends on which you prefer.  I've already updated the copyright comments for all of SSE's code in this week's WTP 2.0 ibuild, and everything seemed to run smoothly.  I primarily used "Fix Copyrights" but I also used "Advanced Fix Copyrights" for the places I knew where non-IBM copyright statements already existed.

Here's a link for more details on the copyright statement:

Amy Wu
Structured Source Editor
919.254.0299, T/L 444.0299

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