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[wtp-dev] Test Plan for JEE5 Use Cases

As you know, we have defined a set of use cases to test our JEE 5 support.  An updated list is available at Eclipsepedia.

As we get close to releasing 2.0, we will report on the status of these use-cases with each I-Build. After an I-Build is declared (Typically on Thursdays), we will run the following use-cases using this build and report any problems via bugzilla. To facilitate easy reporting and searching of these bugs, we will use an indexing key called JEE5-UC in Status Whiteboard. You can use the search: JEE5-UC to list them. Use cases and steps are numbered to make it easy to refer to them.

Please try these use cases or similar ones yourselves and help us improve the quality of WTP tools for 2.0 release.  We will discuss the status of the uses weekly at the JEE working group calls.

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