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Re: [wtp-dev] EJB 3.0 project with wtp 2.0M6

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EJB 3.0 modules can but do not have to have an ejb-jar.xml.  If the the jar contains a properly annotated set of EJBs, JEE5 servers can handle these beans.  WTP 2.0 release will contain very basic support for EJB 3.0 projects.  This support will be improved in the later releases.

However, you can add an ejb-jare.xml manually, and the project will handle it properly.

If you need ols style EJBs you can still create 2.x style modules.

I install Eclipse 3.3M6 with wtp 2.0M6 and I try to create EJB 3
project. It creat successfully but it doesnt create ejb-jar.xml. If I
create ejb 2.1 project, then it creates ejb-jar.xml file. Can anyone
please explain me whether this is a bug or it doesnt need any more.

thanking you


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