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[wtp-dev] Problem installing Geronimo runtime


I'm trying to use eclipse 3.3 (M5eh and M6), WTP 1.6.0 with Windows XP
and Java 1.6.01.

For an EAR application I tried to install the plugin for the Apache
Geronimo J2EE server.
My way:
Window -> Preferences -> Server -> Installed Runtimes -> Add -> Download
additional server adapters
Then the Geronimo plugin 1.0.0 is shown. And the install process seems
to work. After finishing the program prompts for reboot.
But after restart, I can't see the entry for Geronimo server when I try
to add a new runtime.
But when I open
Help -> Software updates -> Manage configuration
I can see that the plugin is installed and no error is shown.

I hope I'm right here in this list. Or somebody can give me an advice
where to ask.

Thanks in advance


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