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Re: [wtp-dev] JEE5 Status Call and Agenda for Mar 29/07


You can find whatever is available at the wiki.   I take notes during the call but I am a few weeks behind in recording the minutes at the wiki. There has been 4 calls since Jan 25. I guess it is time to update them :-) Are you looking for smt particular?


Where are the minutes of these JEE5 calls located? The last one I can find
on the wiki is Jan 25th, and even that took some spelunking.

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Call info:

*Access code:                               3500048#
*International Dial-in number:          (702) 894-2358
*Tollfree in the US:                        (866) 484-4232
*Call Time:


Use cases:
1) A first draft of these use cases are available at the wiki. We need
componet owner to review these Use Cases and provide feedback.  We need
to know the gap and if it is feasible to commit to them for WTP 2.0

2) Priorities:
At this point I believe our priorities are (in the order of
-) Runtime support for JEE5 modules - If we have a JEE5 module (Web
2.5/EJB3/EAR) we should be able to run it on servers
(Tomcat/Geronimo/Glassfish).   Having the server adapters ready to
support these modules will also be important, especially for EJB3 and
-) JEE 5 Model extensibility - This issue has been addressed by Chuck.
-) Editing and Tools support: I do not believe our editors(and tools
like wizards etc.) will be ready to have full JEE5 support by 2.0.
should be a post 2.0 task.

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