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RE: [wtp-dev] What to do about feature version numbers?

I have moved JSF to version 1.0.


For WST and JST, my preference is to follow the guideline and stick to 1.6. 2.0 sets the wrong expectation of major changes in those projects.



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Subject: [wtp-dev] What to do about feature version numbers?


Many of our WST and JST features are still versioned 1.6, which is what we bumped
to right after 1.5 was released.

My thinking is that the WST and JST features should be versioned 2.0, to match "WTP 2.0".
This does not technically match the guidelines put forth in
which would recommend a bit closer relation to the type of change in contained plugins
to the feature version ... which means we should leave our features at 1.6.

It seems to me, though, that users looking at a list of installed features would expect
them to match 2.0. In other words, seems to me, the JST and WST features are more
of a "marketing number" related to the major yearly release, rather than a runtime constraint
as the plugin versioning is.

What do others think? 1.6? 2.0? Don't care?

BTW, I do think the JPA and JSF features should be 1.0, since this is the first year of
their release.

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