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Re: [wtp-dev] EMF models need review for WTP 2.0


Valentin's away on vacation so I'll try to answer on his behalf.   In
general there's no specific target issues.  Valentin's note was intended as
a friendly reminder.  I suspect that at this point in WTP 2.0 most team
members will want to defer this work until a later release.  So if you've
got absolutely no interest in cleaning up or regenerating your EMF models
stop reading now.  Otherwise you may be interested to know a bit of the

The EMF team has made performance improvements that can be exploited by
regenerating code (to use the EMF 2.3 pattern).  Previously we'd chatted
about this in WTP and agreed that our EMF models hadn't received much
attention lately and were not in a state where we could easily regenerate
to take advantage of the EMF changes.  In fact we suspected that in many
cases our models were implemented in ways that probably weren't EMF kosher
(e.g. deriving from Ecore).   So the umbrella bug below [2] was opened so
that each EMF model owner could consider regenerating and cleanup.   Ed
Merks has kindly offered to work with interested WTP team to review EMF
models and offer his expert advice.

So for example, in the case of the EMF based WSDL model there was quite a
bit of work involved.  We noticed over the course of a few releases that
our UML diagram had gotten out  of sync with out gen'd Java code.  This
prevented us from doing a trivial regen of our code.  It also caused
problems for EMF savvy members of the community who were attempting to
reuse our UML/EMF artifacts to generate WSDL model extensions [1].   So
Valentin worked with Ed to clean up our UML diagram and define all the
right settings to regenerate our code and (as a side effect) solved the
reported UML resuability issues,    The end result is that our model is a
bit more clean and tidy, performs better (at least in theory ... no
measurements here), and will facilitate adopters who wish to generate
extension models from our UML/EMF artifacts.

So hopefully no one got spooked by Valentin's note.  Once again, just a
reminder along with some some positive words of encouragement.  We found
the effort to be worthwhile and Ed's review was very usefull.


Craig Salter
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I know the J2EE component is the biggest user of EMF models and they have
regenerated some on 2.3.  I'm wondering if you could provide a bit more
information about exactly what in EMF 2.3 we should be trying to take
advantage of.  The bugzilla referenced is quite lengthy with a number of
points.  Was there a few target issues you were looking at?


John Lanuti
IBM Web Tools Platform Technical Lead, IBM Rational
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Resending with a proper subject line :-)

Hi EMF model owners,

Recently you may have seen some noise on the list regarding the changes to
the WSDL EMF model. This work, tracked using this [1] bugzilla, is now
largely completed, with more than a little help from Ed Merks, the EMF lead
architect, who kindly offered to oversee this effort. Thanks, Ed!

As part of our WTP 2.0 effort, it is recommended that every team should
review the EMF models they own. The umbrella bug used to track this effort
is [2].  Among the things done for the WSDL model are making sure the UML
and EMF artifacts are in synch with each other and with the code,
regenerating the code to take advantage of EMF 2.3 patterns, etc.Teams are
encouraged to open specific bugs if needed and cross reference them in the
umbrella bug.  Please also make a note in the umbrella bug even if all
things are good with the models you own.

You can contact me if you have questions about the WSDL model changes or Ed
for general EMF questions.


[1] [Model] Fix WSDL
model UML and EMF artifacts
[2] Review all EMF
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