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[wtp-dev] EMF models need review for WTP 2.0

Resending with a proper subject line :-)

Hi EMF model owners,

Recently you may have seen some noise on the list regarding the changes to the WSDL EMF model. This work, tracked using this [1] bugzilla, is now largely completed, with more than a little help from Ed Merks, the EMF lead architect, who kindly offered to oversee this effort. Thanks, Ed!

As part of our WTP 2.0 effort, it is recommended that every team should review the EMF models they own. The umbrella bug used to track this effort is [2].  Among the things done for the WSDL model are making sure the UML and EMF artifacts are in synch with each other and with the code, regenerating the code to take advantage of EMF 2.3 patterns, etc.Teams are encouraged to open specific bugs if needed and cross reference them in the umbrella bug.  Please also make a note in the umbrella bug even if all things are good with the models you own.

You can contact me if you have questions about the WSDL model changes or Ed for general EMF questions.


[1] [Model] Fix WSDL model UML and EMF artifacts

[2] Review all EMF models

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