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[wtp-dev] Reminders about 1.5.4 stream

This week will be our first I-build towards 1.5.4.


So, while not much time left, if anyone has any fixes to get in early, Wednesday is the day to do it.

We PMC members will try an keep an eye on

But, there's already been a couple of issues that have come up repeatedly:

1)  Before marking for PMC review, please be sure you have component lead review and approval
documented (or, their delegate). And, as always, include who's reviewed, who's tested., etc.

2) While we documented that appropriate bugs for 1.5.4 were "stop ship" bugs ... to avoid distractions from 2.0 work,
there have been some requests based on adopters "hot bug requests".  We discussed at PMC meeting and while
we'd like to keep any "new feature" work to a minimum (in a maintenance release), we agreed they could be
evaluated and handled as exceptions to the rule. I have updated the document at
to explicitly request that bugs which are not true stop ship defects to be documented as hotbugs (if in fact,
they are blocking adopters use of WTP for some scenarios, but not necessarily a defect per se).

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