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RE: [wtp-dev] Hotdeployment on Tomcat restarts Server


This simple answer is to set the "reload" attribute for the context to false.  You would do this in the server.xml for the Tomcat server found under the Servers project in your workspace.

If you need more detail about how Tomcat works, you can post questions to the tomcat-users mailing list:

If you need more detail about using Tomcat within WTP, you can post questions to the WTP newsgroup:  The wtp-dev mailing list is for the development _of_ WTP.


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> Subject: [wtp-dev] Hotdeployment on Tomcat restarts Server
> Hi Guys
> Following problem:
> When my WebProject is changed(JSP pages or java classes), 
> those changes should automatically be deployed to Tomcat. 
> Therefore, Tomcat has to be started in DEBUG mode.
> If I change a JSP page, it is hot deployed to Tomcat and gets 
> replaced. I refresh the page in my Browser and I see the changes.
> Now I change a Java class. It is getting hot deployed to 
> Tomcat as well. But after some delay, Tomcat restarts.
> In the meantime(I mean, between the class is deployed and 
> tomcat restarts) I can refresh my page and I see the changed 
> System.out.println on the tomcat console. But then Tomcat restarts.
> That's not a way how I can work with.
> Do you know how to tell Tomcat not to restart?
> Thanks,
> Remo
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