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[wtp-dev] Adopter Adoption migration to collect

Extended team,

Just like last release, I'd like us to collect any "migration" information for adopters in one central spot.

This is to aide them migrating adopter code from the Callisto to the Europa level (not, end-user web projects ....
that's a separate topic).

Please see, read, add to, and improve

So far, there is no WTP specific migration that I am aware of.

Are YOU aware of any? If so ... please update the wiki.

Even if not WTP specific, I think it's still helpful to the community of adopters to
briefly document any pain we've had to go through as we have migrated
to the Europa based stream.

I've seeded the list with a few things I happen to know about, but expect
each component (or adopters!) to keep the page updated with any known issues.
I am not expecting it to be a very long list, but if there are any issues, it's better
if they are documented.


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