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[wtp-dev] New name for the Deployment Descriptor tree for Java EE 5 projects

Title: New name for the Deployment Descriptor tree for Java EE 5 projects


It is about the "Deployment Descriptor: <projectName>" tree that appears as first child node under each J2EE project tree in the Project Exlporer view.

This Deployment Descriptor (DD) tree gives a general overview of the J2EE artifacts that are declared for the corresponding J2EE project. It could be said that the DD tree is graphical representation of the J2EE model. Until J2EE 1.4, inclusively, all such artifacts are declared in an appropriate XML file - deployment descriptor. And I think this was the reason that this tree node wears the label name "Deployment Descriptor".

Now, in Java EE 5 the Java EE artifacts could be declared in other places (e.g. Java Annotations) than XML files. XML files are even said to be optional. Also, there are requirement from adopters that the Java EE model has to be extensible - that means other sources for declaring Java EE artifacts. For example, in SAP, we want to accommodate the following in an EJB 3 project model:

  - generated WS proxy classes (displayed as one entity)
  - WSDL files
  - JAX-WS customization files
  - WS-Policy files: for security and reliable messaging
  - Available publication classifications of a Services Registry
  - Classification profiles (Taxonomies) for one or more services

All the above makes the Java EE model to be much more than a representation of the XML deployment descriptor of a Java EE project. The label of the DD tree "Deployment Descriptor" becomes misleading.

We are currently looking for new name of this label for our Java EE 5 solution built on top of WTP 1.5. We want to be in sync with the WTP community, so we don't change the name again when we later adopt WTP 2.0 and later version that will provide Java EE 5.

We have a few variants to choose from for the moment:
  - Module Artifacts
  - Logical View
  - Structural View
  - Module Content

We would like to hear your opinion and your suggestions.

Kaloyan Raev
Senior Developer
SAP Labs Bulgaria
T +359/2/9157-416

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