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Re: [wtp-dev] Nomination of Valentin Baciu as WTP committer


I have the same sentiments.   Valentin will be a valuable asset to WTP.

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20/11/2006 10:40 AM

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[wtp-dev] Nomination of Valentin Baciu as WTP committer

Fellow committers,

I'd like to nominate Valentin Baciu as a WTP committer.  Valentin joined
the WTP effort approximately a year ago and immediately began making
significant contributions to the WSDL and XML Schema components.  Valentin
has greatly impressed me with his mature approach to software development
and his high standards of code quality and testing.  Never one to settle
for a quick fix or a stop gap hack, Valentin makes the extra effort to
analyse problems thoroughly which often leads to better solutions and
cleaner code.  As well as fixing lots of bugs, he always takes the time to
contribute JUnit tests to validate each fix and ensure future regressions
are caught.

Valentin has contributed to many areas of WTP and Eclipse over the last
year and has quickly become an expert on XML, Web Services and EMF.  He has
taken ownership of  the WSDL model where he's made great improvements to
the model's quality and robustness.   He has revamped parts of the XML
Schema and WSDL Editors to implement hyperlink support and improve model
synchronization.  In a joint effort with the with EMF team, Valentin did
great work to track down bottlenecks in the XSD model and made very
significant performance improvements.  He also worked with the JEE team to
enhance the validation framework to support multiple validator

As a committer to WTP I believe Valentin will be better positioned to have
a greater positive impact on WTP.

Here's a summary of Valentin's bug fixes...




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