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[wtp-dev] New and Noteworthy in releng: official patches

Breaking new ground and setting new standards for all Eclipse projects everywhere ...    :)

Due to two requests, I've created some build steps to produce "patches" to 1.5.2.
Of course, the need for these should be extremely rare, but when they are needed,
I sleep better at night at knowing they are produced by a predictable, repeatable process
that exactly matches the original build process and can be installed on an existing
installation (and then be "updated" correctly in the next maintenance release).

You can see some details, if interested, at

But, most people never need to know about this process or these patches
... they are not meant to be "generally released" in the normal sense of the word.
Some users or adopters might be directed to use these patches in some special
circumstances, but ... in general, if not directed there, they should not be used.

And, even though there is a new _patches stream, developers should
not release anything to this stream.

With this note, I am just keeping everyone informed with all the same information.

P.S. Before you naysayers respond, yes, I am aware of the sad irony of
presenting as "noteworthy" the "ability to create patches for really bad bugs"  ...
but at least we do it well!