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Re: [wtp-dev] Notice of upcoming change in provisional api

Thanks Konstantin, these sound like important changes, and sounds like you've used care not to break any adopters, but I'll throw in a few complicating process questions.

You say "Ample notice" has been given ... and, I assumed you checked the scan data to confirm not used? But ... remember, ample to us is not necessarily ample to others ...

Also, I am in the middle of proposing some new processes governing how we change code, how we allow proper review, etc. I haven't "published" it yet, since I asked the PMC for a sanity check
and make sure I wasn't way off base ... but will hint here at some of the things I'm suggesting  .... I'm not sure they even apply to your cases ... but, without some review process, no one may ever know ... so, some review
process would be nice.

One suggestion I am going to make is that "new" work or "big changes" take place in a temporary branch, so potential reviewers could "get at it" easier for review. And, a component team level decision made as to when ready to go into head.
Another suggestion I'll be making is that we "stage" our changes, to API or provisional APIs, so that "we change them once", and that's it. I've heard complaints from adopters that they'd have to change a little one milestone, then change a little the next milestone, then some the next milestone  ... sometimes that's unavoidable, but our plan should be to "do it once"... so, it'd be good to release code early in a milestone, once we knew if we were at a point of "that's it", no more changes planned. Are you at that point? Or do you have more changes planned?

I won't ask what your plans for API are, yet, because then you'd ask me about Java 5 :) .... which, btw, I'm almost ready to have that discussion too!

So, if you wouldn't mind waiting a bit, then maybe you could be our first user of the new processes ... and then you could help improve the process for the next guy?

[But, if its urgent for you to get these in ... doesn't sound like you'd break adopters and you'd fix some important bugs, so, don't let me slow you down .... too much :)  ]

"Konstantin Komissarchik" <kosta@xxxxxxx>
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09/19/2006 09:21 PM

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"General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues." <wtp-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[wtp-dev] Notice of upcoming change in provisional api

This is a notice that a change will be released soon that has potential to cause breakage to users of the faceted project framework’s provisional api. The change will be made to the HEAD code stream affecting only the 2.0 release code line, so there will be plenty of time for the downstream code to react if it is affected by this change.
The change has two parts to it:
1. The api and extension points that have been deprecated during the 1.5.0 release have been removed. Information about exactly which api has been deprecated and now removed can be found in the following section of the WTP docs: Web Standard Tools Developer Guide -> Programmer’s Guide -> Faceted Project Framework -> New for 1.5. Ample notice has been made given in the past regarding this.
2. In order to fix a performance issue described by https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=146321 some api changes were necessary in order to remove the assumption embedded in the api that facet version comparison is always done directly on version string. The api change allowed the comparison information to be cached thereby improving performance. The caching also allowed some api improvement to take place because several methods no longer needed to throw exceptions. I do not anticipate this change to cause problems for adopters as the affected api is only infrequently used outside the framework itself. The api usage scan did not produce any hits.
Both IProjectFacetVersion and IRuntimeComponentVersion now extend Comparable.
The following methods no longer throw exceptions:
  IProjectFacet.getLatestSupportedVersion( IRuntime runtime )
  IProjectFacet.getSortedVersions( boolean ascending )
  IRuntimeComponentType.getSortedVersions( boolean ascending )
The IVersionExpr.evaluate( String ) method has been replaced with IVersionExpr.check( Comparable ) method.

- Konstantin

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