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[wtp-dev] Submission for PMC approval (1.5.1) 136447 - XML validator gets called whenever an XSD file is validated


The subject bug concerns the behavior of the SSE source validation extension point and how it chooses which source validators to run on the editor contents.  Up to this point, SSE has run all of the registered source validators for the content type of the file being edited as well as any registered for its base content types (a direct example would be running the generic XML source validator when editing XSD, XSL, and WSDL files).  This was reported as undesirable and confusing by the WST XSD component and is likely to be so for adopters contributing new content types and their own source validators.  It also contradicts the general Validation component's behavior.  With the proposed changes, if any source validators are found registered for the exact content type being edited (XSD files compared to XML files), only those source validators will be used.  If none are found specific to that content type, but there are source validators registered for a base content type (JSP fragments compared to JSP files), they will continue to be used as before.

Nitin Dahyabhai