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[wtp-dev] Agenda of the WTP Status Telecon, 2006-08-24

See WTP Status Telecons [1] for more information.


1. WTP 1.5.1 Status - David Williams

8/30: RC3 (final?) for platform 3.2.1 [See the platform’s endgame plan for more details]

9/01: Component lead triage begins. All bugs reviewed and targeted accordingly; most P3 and low sev bugs not yet addressed that are nontrivial should be pushed out of the 1.5.1 release.

9/08: WTP 1.5.1 code complete. Start of PMC-level triage.

9/15: Code freeze for WTP 1.5.1 and start of downstream projects’ (TPTP, e.g.) final readiness and verification cycle. (Any requested changes or P1 bugs discovered required PMC approval to fix.)

9/15: Date by which all Callisto projects are maintenance build ready and update site loading/testing can commence.

9/27: Final posting of Callisto bits and mirror synchronization; update site locked during this time.

9/29: GA for first Callisto maintenance pack (including base 3.2.1 and WTP 1.5.1). Callisto update site, WTP update site, and WTP download page all available.(including all-in-one bundles for WTP 1.5.1).

1.1 Bugs targeted to 1.5.1 [1] - Jeffrey Liu

We still have 67 bugs targeted to 1.5.1. According to plan, we need to review and target these bugs correct by next week. Most P3 and low sev bugs will be deferred.


1.2 Bugs sitting at inboxes [1] - Jeffrey Liu

We have 83 bugs sitting at inboxes. Did we triage them? If not, I am worry that we may have missed something important.


1.3 Hot Bugs [1] - Jeffrey Liu


1.4 Hot Bugs Requests [1] - Jeffrey Liu


2. WTP 2.0 Status - David Williams

3. Other Business - Open

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