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[wtp-dev] Adding Tabbed Properties to existing editors

I am a Dali project developer working on the Java Persistence API (JPA) tooling for WTP. We would like to use the Tabbed Properties Pages, but we do not have our own editor. Our solution for the .5 release built on Calisto, was to have a separate properties view from the Eclipse properties view and not use the tabbed properties framework. This might be the best solution, but users have asked why we aren't using the Eclipse Properties view. I am asking here first since the original tabbed properties development occurred in WTP.

Our requirement is to have a single way to edit JPA properties from Java files (using annotations) and from an XML file. We do not want to create our own editor because users will want to use the Java Editor and the XML editor directly. The wtp xml editor already supplies a properties page (not Tabbed) so creating an adapterFactory to supply a Tabbed Properties page for our plugin does not work. Even if we could make that work, we would be taking over the properties for the xml editor and the java editor, this is not playing nice with eclipse. Has anyone hit this problem and do you have any suggestions for how we might work around it? It would be nice if both the Java Editor and the XML editor used the tabbed properties framework, then we could plug-in easily and extend it with our own properties. If other plugins had similar requirements to us (JAXB could be an example that uses java annotations), they would also be able to plug-in new tabs and not override the existing ones.

Another idea: is there any way to use the Tabbed Properties framework without the Eclipse Properties view? We really like the look of it and how it makes extension so easy.


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