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[wtp-dev] Blocking socket calls on the UI thread

I have noticed that certain WTP components trigger a blocking call on the UI thread when retrieving a license for a particular DTD/Schema. While I understand the desire to launch a dialog when license agreement is required I don't understand why Eclipse needs to be crippled when the user has already made copious "I Agree" statements when they installed the tool. This is especially frustrating for anyone who sits behind a web proxy and can end up having to kill Eclipse because the license dialog cannot connect and blocks the entire UI until time out on the socket. Where this was a merely a grievance before, it is a now serious problem, because I am unable to write JUnit tests that trigger any of this functionality because Eclipse just sits there, completely non-responsive until the socket call times out. Is there an environment variable or something that I can set to enable proxying in a JUnit workspace (which I want to automatically clear on every run, so simply setting a preference won't do) or am I going to have to go in and figure out how to set the preference store programatically in my JUnit tests?



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