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Re: [wtp-dev] Re: WTP modules, facets and extensability

 There are two early documents tat describe flexible projects :

They are out of date but still helpful.

The new API for component structures and module defs can be accessed with code like:

          IJavaProject javaProject = JavaCore.create(project);
IVirtualComponent component = ComponentCore.createComponent(project);
          ArtifactEdit artifactEdit = getArtifactEditForModule(component);
createFolders(project, component, javaProject, "");
           modifyMetadata(artifactEdit, component, model);

           artifactEdit.saveIfNecessary(new NullProgressMonitor());

protected ArtifactEdit getArtifactEditForModule(IVirtualComponent comp) { ArtifactEditRegistryReader reader = ArtifactEditRegistryReader.instance(); IArtifactEditFactory factory = reader.getArtifactEdit(comp.getProject());
                     if (factory == null)
                          return null;
                     return factory.createArtifactEditForWrite(comp);

Naci Dai wrote:
*<wb-resource source-path="/JUPWebContent" deploy-path="/"/>*

Can anybody give me a good reference which API I should use to add such
an entry to the ".component" file of a project?


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