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[wtp-dev] Re: WTP modules, facets and extensability

Hi Naci,

Naci Dai wrote:
> 7) You can probably skip this step but I find it useful.  Create a
> symbolic link to the WebContent folder in JUP in the WP project folder
> (e.g. call it JUPWebContent). 
> 8)  This step is the heart of the flexible project structures.  Open the
> WTP module definitions file that you will find under the .settings
> folder (WP/.settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component) of the Web
> project, modify the mappings like the following to add JUP WebContent to
> the deployment by adding the line
> *<wb-resource source-path="/JUPWebContent" deploy-path="/"/>*

The flex project structure is what I am exploring right now. However,
it's still not solving all problems. Maybe you have another tip.

It looks like you can't execute step 8 without performing step 7.

The only solution I see for my problem is that I create a special
builder which is attached to the web project together with my web facet.
This builder will copy the content from the included module project to a
defined output location in the web project (eg. build/static/module1)
and adds this path to the flex project descriptor.

However, I still have to create my own build, which is not too bad
because I can mark the copied files as derived files so that they don't
get picked up by the Team support.

Cu, Gunnar

Gunnar Wagenknecht

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