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[wtp-dev] A proposed agenda item for Thursday's status meeting. Let's debrief.

We should probably do this more often, but especially after a major release.

Let's take a step back, reminisce about the past 6 months or year, and
reserve 30 minutes or so to briefly discuss the good and bad aspects of our

Its not meant to be a "gripe session", but part of any project's continuous
improvement is to occasionally reflect on those things we think really help lead
to our success, and things which may get in the way.

If all goes well, we'll be sure not to change the good things, and may find
solutions to the things that need some improvement.

The modest goal of such a short session as this one is just to end up with 3 or
4 of the most important things, that we have some control over, and can take
some actions to keep or fix.

I could certainly list my own views, but the idea is to take this time as a
chance to hear from you, the committers. (Adopters could participate too, but
the primary focus of this particular meeting will be on the committers.)

We have accomplished some great things, and this reflection will help ensure we
continue to do so. So ... come prepared, think of a few things ahead of time. If
you can't make the meeting, make your thoughts known though a colleague, or if
that's hard, feel free to post here to wtp-dev so your thoughts are heard too.


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