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[wtp-dev] Thanks for 1.5 ... ready to start again?

Much thanks and congratulations for our "Callisto release" on 6/30.

Now after such a long break :)  is everyone ready to begin the rhythm again?

I suggest we focus on 1.5.1 and 1.0.3 for a bit, before focusing on declaring 2.0
(I know, all teams may be different, but .. timing is already tight for most of us).

I suggest we smoke test 1.5.1 this week, and produce our final 1.0.3 build next week.
(and, I'm assuming, we'll have weekly 1.5.1 M-builds declared the rest of this month).

Detailed schedule below .. let me know if anyone sees any holes, or has other comments.

Wed. 7/12 (end of day) - code done and released for this week's 1.5.1 M build.
Thur. 7/13 - smoke test (rebuild only if blocking or critical regression found)
Friday 7/14 - noon (eastern): Weekly 1.5.1 M-build declared
[every week, we'll following this wed., thur., fri pattern, where no code should be casually released
after end of day wednesday].

1.0.3 due 7/28

7/17 final code for 1.0.3
7/18 smoke test 1.0.3
7/19 1.03 RC declared

7/20 - begin week-long-no-changes phase, adopter can/should do acceptance testing
7/26 - prepare update site/zips, etc.
7/28 - official 1.0.3 release


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