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[wtp-dev] Callisto is live!

For anyone who missed it, Callisto is live:


Thank you to everyone in the WTP community for making 1.5.1 and our delivery of it on the Callisto release timeline possible: This is not only a major delivery milestone for WTP, but an opportunity for a whole new set of users to discover and use what we’ve built. With some support from the Foundation to provide instructions for installing, configuring, and using WTP as part of Callisto, I hope to see many more WTP users coming online as the Callisto distribution rolls out.


As we go forward with version 2.0, we’ll be returning to working aggressively on features again (including tighter integration of our incubating subprojects: JSF, Dali, and ATF), but we also need to remember that, with Callisto, we join the Eclipse platform team in providing the “foundation” on which many users will depend. Our quality is now part of the quality of the Eclipse brand.


Once again, thank you for helping us deliver an fantastic and on-time release, and I look forward to working with everyone on our next set of challenges!



Tim Wagner


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