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Re: [wtp-dev] Providing Icons for deployables to a server

You're going to want to use the org.eclipse.wst.server.ui.serverImages extension point. It takes three fields...

- an id (unique id for the extension)
- an icon (path relative to your bundle)
- typeIds (Here you use the ID of your unique deployable.) 

That should be all that you need to do =]  Good luck!

Rob Stryker
JBoss IDE, AS-Bridge Lead
JBoss Inc, A Division of RedHat

On 6/27/06, Philip Dodds <philip.dodds@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have been able to get my own deployable types working with a Maven-based publisher and they associate with the server and publish/unpublish (yay!),  however the only issue left is how do I assign an icon to the type of deployable?  Basically when you add/remove projects or see projects on a server its just a red block - and all thats left for now is a nice icon?

Any help is greatly appreciated :)


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