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[wtp-dev] Good time to do Callisto level "final" testing

Callisto RC5 was released today, so ...

As everyone is verifying bugs, and doing final teasing this last week, it is easier than ever to do so with a "full callisto install".

Do not be lulled in to thinking "its too late ... it won't help anyway at this late date".

Because even if we could not literally fix some bad bug in the next week, we may be able to find
some work arounds or at least document "warnings" about some problems. And, those are
very helpful to the Eclipse community and adopters.Some users are actually starting to
say some positive things about Callisto in blogs, so, I think the improvements made in
UpdateManger are starting to be visible ... and, for those of you
who haven't used it in a while, it really is faster, especially if you are using a Java 5 VM.

To get started, I'd recommend the "minimal install" approach, and just install an OS appropriate Platform Feature
(if you like the fat approach, the "normal" Eclipse SDK will do as well).

Then, use Update Manager and go to the "Callisto Discovery" site ... pick all of them,
or what ever is your favorite or most important combinations.
(TPTP should be on everyone's list :)
["select required" button still does not always work as expected .. it does for WTP, but ... not for all,
so, just manually pick things if some combinations don't "clear" the red x's].

This will get you all the latest, except for those 10 bugs we fixed in RC6 ... to get those, you do need to manually
define a remote update site (after installing Callisto RC5):

and get the latest WTP features from there.

From our WTP "milestone" update site, you can also get the latest and greatest JSF and Dali builds installed too!
(I haven't personally tried those yet, so please do, and let me know if there are "bugs").

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