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[wtp-dev] Structure of New and Noteworthy docs

Nitin brought up an interesting issue with the structure of the WTP new and noteworthy documents that I've created for 1.5. After speaking with him it seems there are two logical ways to separate the WTP new and noteworthy documents for 1.5. I'm posting them here to solicit feedback on the structure of these documents before the details are filled in.

Option 1:
Separation by component: Each component (i.e. wst.dtd, wst.html, wst.css, wst.xml, jst.common, jst.j2ee, etc.) has its own new and noteworthy document. This is the way WTP has had its new and noteworthy documents structured in the past. This breaks down the new and noteworthy docs in a fashion that follows our feature definitions and shields end users from that fact that we have development teams working for WTP. This also allows those only concerned with changes to a specific component to easily see the changes in that component. This division does have the drawback that there may be as many as 26 separate new and noteworthy documents.

Option 2:
Separation by development team: Each team (i.e. Data, Server, J2EE, Web Services, XML, SSE) has its own new and noteworthy document. This does not mean users have to be aware of teams or that the new and noteworthy docs have to religiously follow the team's work just that the docs are broken into a few large components. (I used development team so as not to overuse the term component.) This is the way I've currently structured the new and noteworthy docs for 1.5. This breaks down the new and noteworthy docs by function grouping rather than by component. I've always treated these documents as a high level overview of what's new and noteworthy in a release and it seems to me that this structure will make it easier for end users to see the high level picture of the changes in WTP 1.5. As the vast majority of WTP downloads are of WST+JST (for 1.0.2 ~95,000 vs ~7,000) I think its fair to group the two subprojects together for the new and noteworthy documents. And, any power users that want to find out exactly what changed in a component such as wst.xsd can perform a bugzilla query on the component.

FYI, the following bugs are currently open to track the creation of the new and noteworthy documents:
148279  [action] Fill in WTP 1.5 XML new and noteworthy details
148280  [action] Fill in WTP 1.5 WS new and noteworthy details
148281  [action] Fill in WTP 1.5 RDB new and noteworthy details
148282  [action] Fill in WTP 1.5 J2EE new and noteworthy details
148283  [action] Fill in WTP 1.5 Server new and noteworthy details
148284  [action] Fill in WTP 1.5 SSE new and noteworthy details

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