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[wtp-dev] Closer and Closer ....

Reminder of day-by-day ....

6/22 an I-build produced, if needed  

        We do need one. 4 bugs fixed. (Der Ping, Chuck, have you released? marked bugs as fixed?)
                 I will start a weekly integration build at noon on Thursday (and pick up final JSF changes too) for
                 declaration by noon on Friday. Please plan on some smoke tests in-between there, though the changes
                 are small for most. I will label this as our RC6 build, and if we happen to need another one next week, we will
                 label it RC6b. Be sure to spread your platform coverage, be sure to check things like if source from an SDK target
        can be imported, etc.,

6/23 an I-build declared

        Reminder that head should be kept "clean" ... in the event we need some late night, late breaking bug, we may need to do
        a quick head build, just as extra care to make sure it builds, runs well from a true build, etc. before its approved. (I hope not,
        but, let's not tempt fate).

6/27 Last chance to do any final build, only if needed

6/28 all final release zips and update site files must be complete by _the morning_ of this date

6/30 Release goes live ... so, what the heck, take the next day off :)

Note pre-reqs:

As you do your final testing and verifications, please note our final set of pre-reqs.
In particular, the "M" part of the base build has thrown off some people ... its further down on their page, and it is not really "maintenance" ...
it just fit in with their scripts in just the right way. (and RC7 was lucky or something ... maybe they had a bet they wouldn't go past RC7 :)

Note final pre-reqs:

These are most likely the final pre-reqs we build with. Most projects are not planning rebuilds, unless a blocker is found.

I think even if they do re-build next week, for docs or "about" files, any changes would likely not effect us.
Unless you tell me otherwise!
I'd prefer not to re-build, just to re-build, just to avoid churn.
Unless you tell me otherwise!
Do body's expecting any fixes from pre-reqs, right?

Thanks as usual.

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