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[wtp-dev] Let's organize our test plans

I know we all follow our test plans, and have been for some time, but, I think their organization has been in dis-array for a while.

Some are primarily at

others are primarily at

and perhaps some still at

So, as one of our final release activities, I'd like us to get this organized, so just in case someone asks us "where is your test plans",
we can point them to an easy spot, where they will be linked and all have correct titles, etc.

I'd like to keep central spot on our "components" pages,

So let's just make sure all the links that say "current test plan" point to the final 1.5 test plans.
(I think "the words "current test plan" are fine ... but many of those currently point to old plans).
Was this ever automated at some point?

And, I'd suggest, those plans that say things like "RC3 test plan", be updated to just say "WTP 1.5 final test plan", since that's what it is.

For those that have grown fond of using the wiki, I do not think we need to force one process over the other, but
let's at least cross-link, so the components pages point to the wiki version of the plan.

That way, the "components pages" will be the definitive central spot to book mark, and people can find info from there?

If anyone else has other ideas (and want to exhibit your leadership by driving this home) then please let us know.
Otherwise, let's target 6/29 to have all this "cleaned up" ... just in time for release!

Again, I'm not asking for new plans, or anything, since I think we have all been following our most recent descriptions ...
I just think its time we (re) organize them so others know what our most recent (and final) test plans were.


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