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[wtp-dev] Reminder of 1.5 day by day schedule

6/14 3:00 PM, last review of any bugs other than blocking or major regressions, all other important ones should be targeted to 1.5.1
(we will, btw, start 1.5.1 builds as soon as we are "done" with 1.5 ... there need be no long delays).

6/14 "end of business" ... final "I-build" for the week, to be smoke tested on Thursday, declared on Friday.
6/15  smoke test
6/17 I-build declared

6/20 (Tuesday) RC5 Declared: produced for callisto (expected to be same as I-build, unless blocking issues found)
        (except we will be sure to move up to RC's of GEF and JEM, if we have not moved up by then).

6/22 Calliso RC5 goes "live".

6/22 an I-build produced, if needed
6/23 an I-biuld declared, if needed

6/27 Last chance to do any final build, only if needed
6/28 all final release zips and update site files must be complete by _the morning_ of this date

6/30 Release goes live ... so, what the heck, take the next day off :)

I'll post updates as I get them.

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