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[wtp-dev] WTP 1.5 Release - News Site Coverage

With the WTP 1.5 release coming up it's time to start organizing the events around the release. For the WTP 1.0 release people from the WTP community volunteered to monitor news sites/groups. I heard from some that the sites that were being monitored were not useful for WTP. I've included below the list of sites that were monitored for 1.0 with the person/people that monitored the site.

At this point I'd like to request any feedback on the sites. Specifically I'd like to know of any sites that we shouldn't waste resources monitoring.

Also, we can add to this list so feel free to send sites that should be on the list.

I'll make a request for volunteers before one of the upcoming status calls.

WTP newsgroup - Nitin, Gorkem
The Server Side (
- Naci
InfoWorld (
- Ragu
eWeek (
- Tim
Java Developer's Journal (
- Arthur - Pieter Humphrey

Dr. Dobb's Journal (
- Lawrence
CNet (
- Tim/Pieter
Planet Eclipse (
- This site is an aggregate and does not need specific coverage
EclipseZone (
- Tim
Eclipse Plugin Central (
- Tim D.
TechForge ( - Pieter Humphrey
Code Zoo ( - Pieter Humphrey

ObjectWeb - Naci

FreshMeat - Arthur

Java Pro (
- Chris Judd
JSurfer (
- Albert Almajano
SlashDot (

DevX Forums (

Java Pro (
JSpin (


Lawrence Mandel

Software Developer
IBM Rational Software
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