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Re: [wtp-dev] Requesting WTP 1.5 RC5 PMC defect approval


I'll review the bugs in detail (links would be nice), but I have a few global questions:

1. are all these fixes coded and tested?
2. are they safe? i.e. are they localized and unlikely to cause ripples or regressions?
3. can they be released prior to June 14?

Arthur Ryman,
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Craig Salter/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
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06/01/2006 01:21 PM

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[wtp-dev] Requesting WTP 1.5 RC5 PMC defect approval

7 bugs...

144713 - DOM seems to be out of sync with text file after using XS...  

138797 - Refactoring local XSD element to global copies illegal at...  

144778 - Update plugin version numbers for WSDL, XSD components, s...  

141070 - WSDL Editor: Open in XML Schema Link Icon not refreshing ...  

143517 - WSDL Editor: add checking to ensure user enters an 'unuse...  

143985 - WSDL Editor: handle add namespace when extension element ...  

144691 - Unable to search for attribute, attribute group and group



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