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Re: [wtp-dev] Question about Callisto deliverable

Yes, DTP is delivered as part of Callisto and, technically, is not part of WTP, but their own project.
This will result in some "oddities" as we (WTP) are also delivering RDB, still, even though its "deprecated"
and in the future anyone who currently relies on RDB will have to migrate to DTP.

As for Dali and JSF, they will not be part of the formal "Callisto Delivery", since they are still incubating projects,
but they will be available "simultaneously" from the WTP (not Callisto) download and update sites.

Does this match your needs and expectations?

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06/01/2006 11:30 AM

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[wtp-dev] Question about Callisto deliverable


I am interested how projects will be delivered with the Callisto Simultaneous Release.
I refer to [1] and as far as I understand there are 10 eclipse projects included in this release.
Each of these 10 projects should be considered as separate product and one option to obtain them is to download as a separate package from the corresponding download page.

I am especially interested with DTP, Dali and JSF.
DTP is separate major project and will be delivered as separate product/package.

While Dali and JSF are subprojects and will be delivered as part of the WTP package.

Are my assumptions correct?

Thank you and regards

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