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[wtp-dev] ejb 3.0 annotations


I am currently trying out wtp 1.5.  Does it support ejb 3.0 already?  It seems to be still using XDoclet.  In the EJB Wizard, i can only choose between new EJB Project or new XDoclet Enterprise JavaBean.  Why isn't there an option to create EJBs using java annotations instead of XDoclet?  And the EJB module versions only include 1.1, 2.0 and 2.1.  So I guess ejb 3.0 is not yet supported here, right?  If so, can you tell me how to add ejb 3.0 support?

Anyway, I tried to manually create EJBs but as soon as I type "@Stateless", eclipse tells me that "@Stateless does not resolve to a type".



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