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[wtp-dev] A question regarding the 1.0.x to 1.5 fix migration process


I've begun to notice a number of bugs in WTP 1.5RC3 that are similar to some
that have been resolved as FIXED in the 1.0.x codebase.  An example of one
such bug I've opened is, which is in 1.5RC3,
but was fixed as in the
1.0.x codebase.

Is there a process and timeline for merging all fixes from the 1.0.x branch
into 1.5 during the RC timeline?  Is it helpful to reenter bugs as they're
found against 1.5 if they haven't made it into the public builds yet, or
should I just assume that all fixes for 1.0.x will make it into 1.5
eventually?  And, if that's the case when is "eventually"  / how long should
I wait to confirm that?  (for example "the first public RC after the PR is
FIXED in the 1.0.x codebase?).

Todd E. Williams
VP - Technology
Genuitec, LLC

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