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[wtp-dev] Fixes released into RC4 stream...

The following bug fixes have been released into the RC4 stream...
If you select <none> in the runtimes dropdown on the first page of any of the wtp project creation wizards, that change (from selecting a runtime to not selecting one) is not propagated into the faceted project wizard’s data model so the runtimes selection ui on the second page does not reflect the change.
Fix is straightforward and very low risk. Patch attached to the bug.
This fix plugs a major hole in our ability to facilitate extenders in declaring version change logic for facets. Currently, if you supply a version change delegate for version X, that delegate has to be able to handle any starting version. That works for some facets (such as, but in the majority of situations, version change logic is complicated and might only be implemented for certain specific transitions. The fix for this bug allows such constrained version change delegates to be declared.
Patch is attached to the bug. The fix is somewhat involved and so I would classify it as moderate risk. However, I have performed fairly extensive tests and I am pretty confident that this will not destabilize anything.
This is a tiny enhancement request that allows the existing facets property tester to extend to any resource (not just IProject). This would allow things like JSP wizards to be filtered to only appear in the context menus of folders inside of web projects.
Fix is straightforward and very low risk. Patch attached to the bug.
The WebAppLibraries classpath container adds WebContent/WEB-INF/classes directories to project's classpath even if that directory is used as the java output directory. This leads to a rather bad behavior. Every type in the project shows up twice in the type browser. Also, any change to any java type causes a full project rebuild because JDT thinks classpath has changed.
Fix is straightforward and very low risk. Patches for 1.0.3 and 1.5 are attached to the bug.

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