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[wtp-dev] triage, fix, and approval process for one week, and remainder of 1.5

Tim Wagner is/will be sending out a more official process as this was discussed and decided at today's PMC meeting, but, I think he had to get on a plane before he could type them up,
so here's a semi-official version for the remainder of this week. We will, btw, also re-discuss the process for the remaining 1.5 time at Thursday's status call. I'm just sending this out now,
as we haven't communicated this yet and some folks appear to be waiting for approval (as they should, under the old rules)
... so, please keep posting "bugs being fixed" to mailing list ... but no need to wait to release to build  (until 31st, that is).

now-5/31 (RC4) – component lead check-in approval and “post hoc” PMC member review

which means component lead can approve for release and build, but lists of defects for which fixes provided should
still be published to wtp-dev list. This is partially to make it easier for PMC "post hoc" review (and PMC members make
chat with component leads if something seems inappropriate) and its also to help keep adopters and other Callisto projects
aware of changes that could theoretically affect them.

Then, for the following two weeks, I think it was, we'll go back to fuller PMC approval, but with some ideas to ensure doesn't
slow down important fixes.

I'd suggest component leads continue to triage bugs well so some idea of proposed defects to address in 1.5 is well understood.
Remember, we do not have much room to "slip dates" due to Callisto agreements, so it will be better to have a
well understood list of limitations or bugs, rather than try to fix tons of stuff right up to the last minute, which could result in
accidental regressions that are worse than the bugs to be addressed.

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