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[wtp-dev] Re: Are projects in released map files supposed to build in the PDE?


I appreciate the quick response to my questions.

I assume most of these are the flavor of "class not found",
"indirectly required by a class on the  classpath"?  You might start with

Those bugs definately seem to be the same type.

I think there is not really a problem in these cases ..
at most, its sort of a warning that "it better be there at run time" ... which, it always is.

The problem is that this "warning" is actually an "error" in the PDE, which makes it very difficult to tell "real" problems from these "warning" problems which show up as errors.

In many of those cases, we did not want to add a plugin dependancy,
since it wasn't really required ... and its wasn't *us* that required that indirect class.

The upside of clearing up the error in the PDE would be appreciated. However, is there a downside to adding the dependency?

As for the xerce's ones ... are you using Sun's JRE 1.4?

Yes, 1.4.2_11 so this appears to be a known issue.

If you see others  besides these two issues (such as those that say
such and such class in a plugin.xml file is not on the classpath,
I think a bug on those is fine.

Those two types of errors (xerces and indirect classes) seem to cover all the errors I'm seeing.

I'm hoping the info above helps you or others open better bugs reports.

Me too, which is why I asked before assuming that these are unknown issues.


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