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[wtp-dev] Translator that handles "ANY" content as specified by DTD?

The JSF Tools Project team is wrestling with an issue with the faces-config DTD, and I'm hoping that someone can shed some light or offer some advice on how we might address our issue.
The faces-config DTD defines several elements that allow a content type of "ANY", and typically these elements will contain XML structures that should not be parsed (not initially, anyway), but rather should be set as the value of an attribute of the parent element. We're obviously not configuring our Translator correctly for this case, as we get an IllegalStateException when the parent Translator attempts to find a Translator that matches an undefined child element. The case we're currently looking at is where there is embedded JSR-276 format metadata, but we cannot assume that JSR-276 will always be the format of the metadata.
Is there a way for us to configure an existing Translator to not attempt to parse the content (even when it is XML), but rather to assign it all, unparsed, to an attribute of the parent element? Or should we be looking at writing our own Translator subclass to handle such a case?
Is anyone willing to step forward to offer some assistance, so perhaps we can take this discussion off the wtp-dev list so as not to further disturb the masses?
Any tips, tricks, hints, etc. greatly appreciated,
 - Ian
Ian Trimble
JDeveloper Group
Oracle Corporation Canada Inc.
Office: (250) 954-0837
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