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[wtp-dev] Breaking change to the XML validator in RC3

This change may affect those that extend the XML validator and make use of the errorCustomizationManager object.

In the resolution of bug 142034 [1] it was necessary to remove the global XML error customization manager object. (The scope of the error customization manager had to be changed from global to each validation run.) The error customization manager object was introduced roughly a month ago in 1.0.2 when the ability to customize error messages was introduced to the XML validator. This object was never meant to be used by those extending the XML validator class.

Specifically, the following object will no longer be available to those extending the XML validator class:
protected ErrorCustomizationManager errorCustomizationManager;

Also of note, the XML validator class
is internal and therefore not part of any declared API.

The adopter usage reports show no references to this object and I'm not aware of anyone extending this class. I'll be happy to work with any adopters for whom this change poses a problem.



Lawrence Mandel

Software Developer
IBM Rational Software
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