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[wtp-dev] Request PMC approval for WTP 1.0.3 for 138474

Please see

This details a very troublesome issue with the jar support for modules.  When you add a workspace jar to a module and try and export that module, it will fail.  So, you will try a workaround to use external jars, only to find the external jar support is broken.  You can then manually edit the .component file to fix the URI for the external jar, but this is a regression from WTP 1.0.1.  There is no other workaround for the workspace jar support.  It is broken.

The fix is very straightforward in both cases and a patch is attached in the defect with more details.  IBM adopters of WTP would like to see this fixed.


John Lanuti
Software Engineer, IBM Rational
t/l 441-7861

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