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[wtp-dev] New term for "presets"

I keep forgetting to send this out, but this terminology question needs to be resolved for 1.5...


Since it’s inception, we’ve been getting the feedback that the term “preset” is not all that great. For those who are not familiar, a preset is simply a list facets (with versions). A user can select a preset to quickly get a certain pre-determined configuration instead of selecting individual facets manually. Presets are supplied via an extension point. A user can also defined new presets by hitting the “Save” button next to the presets combo on the facets selection page.


Recently, preset selection has also been made available on the first page of all wtp new project wizards. This allows the user to pick from different available configurations without actually going to the second page. The new first page ui refers to presets as “Common Configurations”. I am just trying out that term to see how it fits.


So, does anyone have opinions or ideas for what term should be used throughout the ui to refer to presets? My personal bias on this issue is that the term should not include the word “facet” in it. Note that the api will not change and will continue to use the term “preset” at least for the 1.5 release.


Please use the following bug to submit ideas/opinions:




- Konstantin

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