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Re: [wtp-dev] Project Metadata changes for 1.5

What is current 1.0/1.5 co-existence story? Inability to work with the same project using 0.7 and 1.0 was a major problem for our team and we had to move large number of developers from one version to another literally overnight when we decided to upgrade. I think WTP should understand 1.0 metadata and convert it only when the user explicitly asks/agrees to.

Igor Fedorenko

Chuck Bridgham wrote:

Normally when metadata file changes occur, announcements are not required,
but because the ".component" file doesn't have a complete tooling story yet, end users may need to be aware of its existence for advanced scenarios.

Note: *No action is required *- the changes will occur automatically to existing workspaces, projects.

I am about to release a fix for

Which calls for a few changes to the ".component" metadata file including:
1) Adding version tag that allows the evolution of schema changes that may be required. 2) Renaming this file to follow the eclipse naming convensions of .settings files

Naming convension info is here: <>
*        * Look under the header: System Files and Settings

Thanks - This change will go into this weeks WTP RC2 build

- Chuck

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