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[wtp-dev] 1.5 Release Candidate One Declared: 1.5RC1a Fri, 21 Apr 2006 -- 07:53 (UTC)

This is our first declared release candidate towards WTP 1..5.

1.5RC1a   Fri, 21 Apr 2006 -- 07:53 (UTC)

Are we are pretty sure we'll need more release candidates before the final release
[that's a joke .. about the newspeak meaning of "release candidate" :)

This build does have some known issues, but teams have reported
"go" on all mainstream function.

AWOL Teams: RDB, Server .... I'm sure 'server' is good, since other teams test that,
but rumor has it the whole RDB team (all two of them? ) are on vacation, so as far as I know,
know one as sanity tested that. [apologies we didn't anticipate this better, but, I dont' think
much has changed in their component, if anything].

The J2EE team is investigating the 11 Failed JUnit tests .. and that may be related
to this build not have "external jar support" for web apps.

Overall, achieving this integration build for Callisto was a great effort by the WTP team (with others) to get this quick
synch-up ... much thanks to all.

What's ahead:
RC1  Callisto update site ready: 4/25

RC2 (5-May)
  • 28-Apr - Platform
  • 3-May - CDT, DTP, EMF, GEF, VE
  • 5-May - BIRT, GMF, TPTP, WTP

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