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Re: [wtp-dev] Adopter broken by refactoring in wst.wsdl.ui and wst.xsd.ui in the v200604140115/v200604131333 level of the plugins

Jim, the classes you've referred to were not intended to be API (and were incorrectly placed in non-internal packages).  As you've noticed... we have moved the code into internal packages for this very reason.  Perhaps we can work off-line to discuss your re-use requirements.  Although we don't intended to do much further refactoring I'm interesting to understand how your using these classes.  

I must say I'm surprised you had time to develop a dependency on these classes... they've only existed for a couple of weeks.  So you caught us!

I not sure what the eclipse policy is on this issue but I don't feel it would make much sense to announce when internal code changes occur (at least early in a dev schedule).  Do any others have opinions on this?  From this point on in WTP 1.5 we will do our utmost to avoid makeing breaking changes to internals .... just incase people are brave enough to be using them.  

So ... sorry for the inconvenience... please consider all of the xsd.ui and wsdl.ui 'internal'.   An let's discuss what bits you might be depending on so we can move those into a path toward API.  Feel free to email me directly.



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Jim Zhang <jzhang@xxxxxxxxxx>
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04/19/2006 03:18 PM

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[wtp-dev] Adopter broken by refactoring in wst.wsdl.ui and wst.xsd.ui in the v200604140115/v200604131333 level of the plugins

Hi, my plugin is using the set of interfaces and adapter factory classes in the wst.wsdl.ui and wst.xsd.ui plugins.  They are:








My build base contains org.eclipse.wst.wsdl.ui_1.0.1.v200604140115.jar and org.eclipse.wst.xsd.ui_1.0.100.v200604131333.jar.

So my questions are:

- will there be more breaking changes in the above two plugins before the WTP release?

- the changes this time around were just package refactoring, but I still expected some kind of announcement before-hand given that WTP is in release candidate build stage.  Can announcements be made first to adopters next time if such breaking changes are made again, at least until WTP releases?

Kind regards,

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