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[wtp-dev] Who's been changing all these .settings?

I have, that's who! :)

In my never ending quest to help all teams, I've started fixing some projects .settings to include the required and important defaults,
such as using ISO-8859-1 default (instead of "users platform")..

Also, there's settings related to "externalized string", nonexistent properties, errors, etc., It is really cool how many bugs these simple .settings
will find ... long before users report them ... so, I'm sure everyone will appreciate the new settings.

But, if you have some special case, where you are doing something out of the mainstream, and, for example, some odd thing you are doing in your file really is
not an error, but PDE just thinks it is ... then, by all means, feel free to change your .settings and open a bug on PDE (and, please CC me if you find items like that).

Otherwise, please fix the "red X's" the new .settings reveal, they really are 'bugs', and an easy quick way to improve our quality now instead of later.


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