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[wtp-dev] Enablement expression support in validator ext point

The support for enablement _expression_ as shown below has been added to the validator extension point. The facet filters support added in the validator ext point in addition to natures  did not scale very well and additional requirements from some extended teams drove the need for the enablement support which scales very well.  This _expression_ support covers all the combinations that the FacetedProjectPropertyTester provides as this is the tester class that is used under the covers for property and value strings.

The ejb validator is changed to use this support instead of facet filters

                        <test property="org.eclipse.wst.common.project.facet.core.projectFacet" value=""/>
                          <test property="org.eclipse.wst.common.project.facet.core.projectFacet" value="jst.ejb"/>

The facet filters support still exists and works in the validator ext point even though it is redundant with this enablement support. The reason it is still supported is for the fact that we are not supposed to break any internal api also at this point for 1.5. Validators using facet filters will continue to work as is and the any validators that need the enablement _expression_ support can migrate.

Regards, Vijay
Vijay Bhadriraju
Rational Tools, J2EE Tooling
Ph: (919) 486-1898, T/L: 526-1898
Internet: vbhadrir@xxxxxxxxxx


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