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Re: [wtp-dev] UI consistency issue with 'marker' names

+1 to having using 'XYZ Problem' for WTP markers, as it suggests that there
is something that should be addressed and fixed.

'Message' and the 'plugin name' are probably less likely to invoke action.

Janet Mockler

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I've noticed our WTP 'marker' names are a bit wonky.   The platform names
it's markers using a "XYZ Problem" convention.  Many of our WTP validators
define markers using an "XYZ Message" convention.  Worse still there's some
rather ugly and names showing up in
the list too.

In WTP 1.5 I'd like to propose (the simple change) of naming things
consistently with the rest of eclipse using the "XYZ Problem" convention.
Any thoughts?

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Craig Salter
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