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[wtp-dev] Facets


I have a build based on a 200603302119-200603302119 version of WTP.  In my build my facets started giving me messages like...

The ">", ">=", "<", and "<=" notation in version expressions has been deprecated. It used in plugin Note that the angle brackets are represented via "&lt;" and "&gt;" in the plugin.xml files. The functionality has been replaced with range notation. For instance "[X-Y)" means all versions greater or equals to X and less than Y. Open ranges such as "(X" or "Y]" are also allowed.

However I changed my facet from...

        <requires facet="jst.web" version="&gt;=2.3"/>


        <requires facet="jst.web" version="[2.3, 2.4]"/>

and it no longer indicated that a 2.2 web project was invalid.  Has this been addressed?  If so in what build?


Kevin Bauer

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